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What We Do

Our highly skilled tenured employees, company owned semi-trucks, full range of professional-grade equipment, and an impeccable supply of highly sought product allows Spectrum Tree Farms to remain the leading vendor of choice in all things big trees. Skillfully and meticulously cultivating, harvesting, tree re-locating and managing the logistics of each individual job-site, we proudly guarantee you will be nothing short of completely satisfied once you become one of our valued customers, too!

Loader moving large live oak to installation site
View of equestrian center during large tree installation completed by Spectrum Tree Farms

If you want your projects accomplished with superior trees, unparalleled quality of service, and the ease of your project being done from start to finish within one company, you’ve come to the right place! With over 30 years of experience in the industry, not only have we perfected the objective of getting things done right the first time, we understand that each project and customer is unique and deserves our full and undivided attention to every detail in order to achieve our customers’ unwavering satisfaction.

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