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Leading the Industry

for Over 30 Years

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About Us

We are among the most prestigious cultivators of large specimen trees in the southeast. With our inventory located at 15 different farms and holding areas, our ability to adequately supply the products you require is virtually guaranteed. Our big tree specimen hardwoods are on display nationally at some of the most exclusive private residences, golf courses, and high-end commercial projects dotting the entire southeast and the southern coastal states. Here at Spectrum we take our commitment to utilizing our vast amount of experience to deliver outstanding service to our customers very seriously and insist on holding ourselves to the highest of standards.  

Keith Jacks,


I have owned numerous businesses over the last 30 years, however, Spectrum Tree Farms Inc. is by far my favorite venture yet and has proven to be both quite rewarding and exciting. I take great pride in running my business with integrity, taking my customers’ level of satisfaction personally, as well as possessing a constant determination to ensure my customers' desires are exceeded to the fullest extent. I look forward to consistently evolving with this industry and to continue surpassing each of my customers’ expectations.

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